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Shaded Error Bars


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    Sabrina Pearson

    Hi Rachel,

    You could add connected lines that show the error bars instead of individual bars. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the plot to select it.
    2. In the Property Manager, click on the Error Bars tab.
    3. Set the Type of error bar you want. The individual bars will appear.
    4. In the Bars Line Properties section, change the Style to Invisible. The individual lines are removed.
    5. In the Vertical Error Bars or Horizontal Error Bars section, check the Connect points option. A line is drawn connecting where the error bars were located.
    6. You can change this line property by clicking the + next to the Error line section.

    If you want to fill between these lines, you will need to use a slight work around.

    1. After displaying the error bars (step 3 above), click the Graphs | Plot | Export Data command. A new worksheet with the X value and the calculated error bar is displayed.
    2. In the worksheet window, you will need to copy the original Y values to the new worksheet.
    3. Click the Cells | Data | Transform command and subtract the error bar values from the original Y values.
    4. Click the Cells | Data | Transform command and add the error bar values from the original Y values.
    5. Back in the plot window, turn off the display of the error bars.
    6. Click the Graphs | Add to Graph | Plot command. Add two line plots, one for the top error bar and one for the bottom.
    7. Click the Graph object.
    8. In the Property Manager, click the Fill Between tab. Add the fill between the top-bottom error bar lines.

    I have added the request to our suggestion list to fill between the error bar lines.



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