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plot (grf) file changing dat file reference/linkage


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    Sabrina Pearson

    Hi adf,

    I have not seen any instance where Grapher would automatically change the worksheet used by the plot to a different worksheet when the original worksheet was closed. In fact, Grapher keeps the worksheet open in memory because it is in use by the plot. If you change the worksheet in another program, you can refresh the graph with the Graphs | Worksheet | Reload command. You can also check which worksheets are in use by clicking the Graphs | Worksheet | Display command. This will list all worksheets that are used by the graph. You can compare this list before and after closing the worksheet window to make sure that the data file is the same. If this does not help, can you please send me your GRF and both data files (original and what it is changing to). Please also send me the steps you are using to reproduce the issue.




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