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Bad profiling logic in Surfer 14



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    Jennifer Woodson

    Hello Paulo,

    Thank you for your post. You are correct that Surfer 14 uses each contour layer in the map for the Y axis of the profile, even if the layer is set to be invisible. The following feature requests have been added on your behalf:

    1. Profiles to only be added for visible layers.
    2. Scale of Y axis of profile to only use the visible layers.
    3. Option to use only the top grid-based layer for profile creation, instead of multiple layers, like Surfer 13 did.

    For now, in Surfer 14, you can adjust the Y axis scale for the profile. You can use the steps below.

    1. In the Contents window, select the Y Axis for the Profile.
    2. Click the Scaling tab in the Properties window.
    3. Set the desired Axis minimum and Axis maximum
    4. If desired, change the Major interval and Tick Positions settings.



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    Paulo Rosman

    Thanks for you prompt reply Jennifer. I hope this can be fixed soon, perhaps in a following update of Surfer 14. I hope I do not have to wait for Surfer 15 for this to be fixed. I use profiling quite frequently, this new methodology in Surfer 14 is so annoying that I am considering to return to Surfer 13. By the way, I´ve been using Surfer since its DOS versions, almost 30 years ago!

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