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How do I set the Fill Properties in a multi layer profile?



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    Justine Carstairs

    Hello Bjorn,

    Surfer does not yet support filling separate layers in a multi-layer profile through automation. I will add a vote on your behalf for this functionality to our feature request system.

    You can create multiple profiles with unique names in Scripter, eg:

    Set Profile1 = MapFrame.Profiles.Add(pts)

    Set Profile2 = MapFrame.Profiles.Add(pts)


    Then, use the object name as a reference when assigning fill colors, eg:

    Profile1.Fill.ForeColorRGBA.Color = srfColorBlue

    Profile2.Fill.ForeColorRGBA.Color = srfColorYellow


    Best wishes,
    Justine Carstairs

    Technical Support
    P 303.279.1021 


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    Björn Stiller

    Hello Justine,

    is it possible to draw the multi-layer profile in Surfer and then reshape the profile line with scripter? The aim is to cut a short video out of hundrets of profiles.

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    Katie Yoder

    Hi Björn,

    Yes, the profile line can be redrawn via automation and the profile updated with the new profile line.  To do this, the MapPoints must be redefined an applied to the profile using a code similar to the one below:

    'Define 3 New Points For Profile Line (In map units)
        pts(0) = 469309 : pts(1) = 4372842
        pts(2) = 472426 : pts(3) = 4376438
        pts(4) = 475235 : pts(5) = 4384007
    'Create Profile object
        Profile.MapPoints = pts




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