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Excel format into Voxler


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    Justine Carstairs

    Hello Daron,

    Your well data can be split into Collars, Trajectories and Samples files. You will find an example of this in the Windows folder Golden Software\Voxler\Samples\SampleWellData 2.xlsx. 

    Your surfaces such as water level, topography and stratigraphic horizons can be in grid files, or in XYZ/DAT/XLSX format that can be gridded within Voxler.  See the in-program sample project Golden for an example.

    Your contaminant, pH, conductivity and temperature data can also be in XYZ-C/DAT/XLSX format that can be gridded in Voxler. See the in-program sample project Soil Contamination for an example.

    Please email us if you have any troubles.

    Best wishes,
    Justine Carstairs

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