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Automatic Output Grid Geometry



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    Drew Dudley

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for posting your issue. It doesn't sound like Surfer is calculating the bounding box correctly with your data. Can you please send me a copy of your data so I can further investigate? If there is an issue, I will file it with our development team. You can send the data to drew@goldensoftware.com.


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    Kari Dickenson

    Hello Chris,

    Surfer creates the default values for the Output Grid Geometry in these steps:

    1. It finds the longest direction for the data (X in your case) and sets the # of Nodes to 100 in that direction.
    2. It then calculates the Spacing in that direction using the min/max values divided by the number of nodes (7.7070)
    3. Then, it applies the same Spacing value in the other direction (Y). 
    4. Then, if the # of Nodes in the shorter direction is not greater than 4, the minimum and maximum values in that direction are adjusted so that there are at least 4 grid nodes in that shorter direction with the given node spacing. That's why the Y min/max do not reflect the actual min/max in the data. With a spacing of 7.7070, and needing 4 nodes, there needs to be at least a difference of 23.1 between the Y min and Y max values.


    You can click the Statistics button to view the data statistics and copy the true Y min/max and paste them into the dialog, and decrease the Spacing so that there is at least 4 nodes in the Y direction.

    Please see also this KB article.



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