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3D ellipsoids within a 3D reference frame


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    Drew Dudley

    Hello Unipar,

    Thank you for submitting your question. There is no way to draw objects such as an ellipse or cube directly in Voxler 3/4. A vote was already added to our suggestion file for future versions of Voxler to have this type of functionality upon your behalf on 3/31/17. 

    Voxler 4 does support 3D DXF, so you may want to take a look at using a CAD program like TurboCAD to create these types of objects and then import them into Voxler. Please see this blog article for more information: http://www.goldensoftware.com/blog/adding-3d-drawn-objects-to-your-project-using-voxler-with-turbocad. 



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