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Directional gridding request


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    Jennifer Woodson

    Hi Matteo,

    I answered you via email yesterday, but I wanted to repeat my suggestions here too for others to see.

    Currently, there is not a way to apply an 'interpolation trajectory' in the gridding process. I have added your suggestion to our feature request list. 

    It sounds like you're on the right track for creating the contours you want, as far as applying breaklines and anisotropy when appropriate. A couple of other options I recommend experimenting with are faults and the grid geometry. From your description, breaklines may be more appropriate than faults, but you may try applying faults to see if the results are any better. You can see which gridding methods support faults here: What Advanced Options Are Available For Each Of Surfer's Gridding Methods?. We have a couple scripts available that will grid your data using breaklines or faults. You can access the scripts from Step 1 on this page: What Surfer Gridding Method Should I Use? Gridding For Non-Geostatisticians. Additionally, the grid geometry can greatly affect the gridding results. I recommend increasing the # of Nodes or decreasing the Spacing in the Grid Line Geometry section of the Grid Data dialog to see if you get better results. A grid with a finer resolution will typically provide better results than a coarser grid.

    The only other thing I can think of that may help is dividing the points into sections for gridding. Then, you can either use the grids in separate layers in the same map or mosaic the grids to create a single grid file. For example, in your image, you may grid the points from 28-32 together in order to apply the appropriate anisotropy ellipse. Then, you could grid the points for 32-33 separately to apply a different anisotropy ellipse.  



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