Scripter 101: Common Workflows and Debugging (webinar)

Whether you work in engineering, geology, environmental, or the life sciences, automation is an ever-present aspect of nearly all scientific disciplines these days. To assist you in automating your workflows Golden Software, has long shipped our scripting program “Scripter” with Surfer and Grapher.

This webinar will provide you with the confidence you need to start using Golden Software’s Scripter. Not only where you know what resources are available and where, but you will leave this webinar with a framework for debugging common issues users often stumble upon while getting started.

Download the data and learn the following topics:

  1. Getting Started in Golden Software’s Scripter
  2. Where to find example Scripts that seamlessly fit into your existing workflows
  3. What resources are available for further information regarding commands and syntax
  4. And how to debug more common scripting errors.

Length: 49:47


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