Surfer New Feature Highlights (webinar)

Surfer 23 is here and with it comes a great new batch of features and improvements! In this latest version of Surfer you can digitize in the 3D View, save a grid as a GeoTIFF with real Z values, and improve the quality of your graphics with the new customization options for Color and Map scale bars, and more!

Download the data and follow along to learn how to use these exciting new features and pick up a few Surfer pro tips along the way. You'll leave this webinar ready to dive into Surfer 23 and all the tools you need to wow your colleagues and customers with your high quality graphics.

This webinar will specifically cover the following topics:

• New map type enhancements to the Map Wizard
• New customization options for Color and Map scale bars
• Saving a grid as a GeoTIFF with Z values
• New 3D Surface mapping options
• Digitizing data in Surfer’s 3D view


Total length - 43:19



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