Gridding Explained: From Import to Map Presentation (Surfer webinar)


Are you communicating your field data effectively? Whether you’re looking to create contours or a 3D surface, Surfer can quickly create a high resolution raster grid from point data with a myriad of different interpolation methods. If you’ve found yourself wondering how you can best leverage the features available in Surfer’s Grid Data dialog, then this webinar is for you!

Download the data and follow along with this webinar will teach you the nuances of converting raw field data to finished models. You’ll leave this webinar with an understanding of how to best determine which gridding parameters to apply to your data and which map type will best suit your needs.


This webinar will cover the following gridding topics:

  • What is a grid file and how do I turn my data into a grid?
  • What gridding methods are available?
  • Which gridding method fits best with my data?
  • What grid-based maps can be made in Surfer?
  • How can I convert my grid into my customer’s preferred format?


Length 43:39


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