Take your Contour Maps to the Next "Level with Surfer (webinar)

Do you have a solid grasp of the gridding and contouring processes in Surfer, but feel there may be some unexplored features that could take your contour maps over the top? Perhaps you have a need to calculate the volume or area between specific contour levels, or all contour levels with just a few clicks. Maybe you would like to smooth contour lines and create custom color scheme that perfectly communicates your data.

This webinar that will teach you new and efficient workflows to create professional quality contour maps in Surfer. Presenter Jake Stachewicz uses real datasets inspired by customers just like you in industries such as hydrology, geology, and environmental engineering. During the presentation, Jake will cover the following topics which will help you improve your contouring workflows:

  • Using Surfer’s Grid Editor for quick contour edits
  • Smoothing contour lines
  • Advanced Contour Level editing
  • Calculating the area and volume between contours (no script needed)
  • Finalizing your contour edits to create professional quality maps.

Length 48:20 

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