The Nuts and Bolts of Surfer’s 3D View (webinar)

3D Data visualization allows you to capture detailed responses from the project stakeholders by showcasing and communicating a more realistic and lively graphical presentation of the data. We have enhanced Surfer’s 3D View with a number of new features to do just that, give your data depth and dimension to provide a better understanding of your data in 3D.

This webinar is dedicated to teaching you the nuts and bolts of Surfer’s 3D View using real world examples from industries like petroleum E & P, environmental remediation, and hard rock geology.

During the presentation, Drew Dudley covers the following topics which should aid in extracting the best from your 3D data:

  • Create the Mapping Requirements for the 3D View
  • Convert 2D Base Layer Objects to 3D Vector Objects
  • Perform Geoprocessing functions with 3D Objects
  • Launch Surfer’s 3D View
  • Display 3D Vector Objects in the 3D View
  • Change the Properties of the 3D View
  • Export Models from the 3D View to Share with Stakeholders


Length: 54:07

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