Box Plots: Set Adjustable or Variable Box Widths in Grapher

If you'd like to layer box plots, or represent the size of data populations in each sample dataset, you can control the width of box plots in Grapher.


Box plot with Variable Width applied. 


To change the width of a boxes in a box plot:

  1. Select the Box Plot in the Object Manager. 
  2. In the Property Manager, click the Plot tab. 
  3. Expand the Width section. 
  4. Change the Box width (percentage) to change the width for all boxes at the same time. 
  5. Set the Type field to Variable, Fixed, or leave it set to Auto. 
    • Variable to vary the size based on the number of sample entries in each set of data. When using the Variable option the width of each box is determined via the sample count in that box vs the sum of the sample counts of all boxes. 
    • Fixed to choose a set width for each box plot. 
    • Auto to have Grapher automatically determine an appropriate box width


Updated May 2023

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