Get the Most Out of Surfer's Base Maps (webinar)

Surfer supports both vector and raster base maps, which are used to represent various features in the area of interest. The latest release of Surfer makes it easy to add, edit, and apply meaning to base map layers. If you've found yourself wondering when to use each type of base map, and how they can all be used together, then this is the webinar for you! Download the data and follow along. 

This webinar focuses on specific examples of using Surfer’s base map type where you will learn how to:

  • Create base layers from multiple vector and raster files at the same time
  • Edit individual features of vector base layers without entering layers
  • Create new point, line, and polygon features in map coordinates
  • Save and apply symbology to maps
  • Copy formatting from one base layer and apply it to another base layer
  • Create polygons from special shapes to use to assign NoData values to grid files

Total length 54:30

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