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    [05. Automation: New Features and Improvements] Add Top-Level Legend Objects

    [Version] 20.0.163

    I used the first routine from the sample code for testing. The second routine I could not use because of a couple of references to files in one of your local computers.

    [Testing Results]
    My testing of the Legend automation was not exhaustive, instead focussed on the methods and properties in the code. I ran the code multiple times, changing values aand checking results. In each case, the results appeared exactly as expected.

    During the Legend testing, in each sample line as drawn, I noted that the symbol appears to be offset upward by about 0.2*[text height], relative to any fixed text or numeric values. This is an aesthetic preference for me, not a functional issue.

    This is my last kick at the can for this round, unless you want some expanded or other feedback. It's been a slice.

    Cheers...  Norman

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