Strater Cross Section Crash Course (webinar)

Strater is a retired.
Strater is officially retired, but you can still purchase additional licenses. Strater is sold as-is and will not receive updates, fixes, or new features.
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Cross sections are invaluable when visualizing geologic structures, where they show the subsurface geology on a vertical plane below the Earth's surface. Cross sections allow us to gain understanding of geologic structures, water levels, and the subsurface lithology. 

Strater can create cross sections from numerous data types, such as LAS files or a collars table. Watch this webinar and learn how to create a cross section with any data thrown your way. You'll learn how to edit and reshape layers, display a water level, and show a ground surface all while learning the most common pitfalls to avoid. Download the data and give it a shot on your own! 


This webinar covers the following topics at the listed time: 

  • Create a cross section from line/symbol logs - 2:48
  • Creating a scheme in the Scheme Editor (applies to any cross section type) - 21:24
  • Create a cross section from lithology/zone bar logs - 26:46
  • Create a cross section from raster logs - 40:06
    • Using a well map and well selector to create a cross section - 40:58
  • Create a cross section by drawing your own layers - 47:12
  • Add a ground surface - 46:41 (or see written steps for this portion here)
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