Calculate individual Grid Information/Statistics for multiple polygons in Surfer

It is now possible to calculate grid statistics inside/outside individual polygons within a multi-polygon Base(vector) layer or vector file in Surfer. It is also still possible to calculate the grid statistics for all polygons within a layer or file collectively


To do so:

  1. Have your polygons contained within a Base(vector) layer in the Plot window, or within an external vector file save on your computer
  2. Click Grids | Info | Grid Info to open the Grid Info dialog.
    1. In the Input Grid field, choose the source grid file from your computer or from a grid-based map layer in the Plot window
    2. In the Polygon Boundary field, choose a vector file containing your polygons, or select a Base(vector) layer containing polygons in the Plot window.
    3. Choose to calculate the grid statistics either Inside the polygons, Outside the polygons, or Mixed inside/outside for each polygon individually, depending on the direction flag in the vector data files (BLN files).
    4. Uncheck the Combine all polygons box to calculate statistics within each polygon individually.
    5. Click OK to generate the Grid Info report. The statistics for each individual polygon are identified individually in the report



Updated September 2020


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