The benefits of co-terming your Golden Software licenses

Do you find yourself constantly renewing licenses throughout the year? Does this make budgeting a challenge? Do licenses expire because tracking renewal dates is such a hassle?

If so, co-terming your Golden Software licenses can address these time-consuming challenges.

What is co-terming?

Co-terming your licenses will align the expiration dates of all your maintenance subscriptions to a single, easy-to-manage date.

What are the benefits of co-terming?

Renewing all your Golden Software licenses on the same date makes budget planning easier, reduces procurement cycles, reduces the likelihood they will expire, and helps you stay productive with the latest version of our software.

When should I co-term licenses?

If your renewal cycles are too time-consuming, now is the time to ask about co-terming. Should you choose to co-term, we will work with you to determine an ideal renewal date which can be based on your budgeting cycle, IT update schedules, or some arbitrary date. Thereafter, your software maintenance renewals will occur annually on the specified date. This saves times as renewals occur once per year and you can more easily include the renewal cost in the annual budget.

Please contact our sales group to start the co-terming process.


Updated April 23, 2020

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