Join attributes to your vector objects in Surfer

Link new attribute data to vector objects using attribute field names, also known as a Join. Once your vector objects have new attributes associated with them, you can create thematic maps from these objects using Base Symbology - you can even use the new Pie Map symbology feature!

To do so:

  1. Create a Base(vector) map which contains vector objects you wish to join new attributes to.
  2. In the Contents window, right-click on the Base(vector) layer and select Join Attributes from the context menu.
  3. In the Join Attributes dialog, in the Join File section, select the data file containing the new attributes you wish to import. 
  4. In the Join Attributes section:
    1. Set the Join File Attribute field to the attribute name you wish to join by in the data file.  
    2. Set the Base Layer Attribute field to the attribute name you wish to join by in the existing Base(vector) layer.
  5. Click OK to import and join the new attributes to the vector objects.

 Joining attributes in Surfer



Updated November 12, 2021

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