Mastering Strater's Well Construction Log (webinar)

Strater is a retired.
Strater is officially retired, but you can still purchase additional licenses. Strater is sold as-is and will not receive updates, fixes, or new features.
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Are you a pro at creating logs and cross sections in Strater? Take your skills to next level by learning how to create a well construction log to go along with your data! A well construction log is a visual representation of the well that replicates a well construction diagram. This demonstrates how the monitoring well or piezometer was created and displays items such as screen, packing material, end caps. This extra detail allows you to present your data in a clear and professional manner.

This webinar will teach you everything you need to know about well constructions! We'll walk through the creation of a well construction from start to finish, discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as how to overlay the well construction on a cross section!

Specifically this webinar covers:

  1. How to format your data - 1:27 
  2. Create a well construction log in the borehole view - 14:06
  3. Create and apply a Keyword Scheme - 16:00
  4. Add a well construction log to a cross section view - 26:10
  5. Review of common pitfalls - 31:40

Download the data:

 Total length: 34:09



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