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  • Thomas Perrier
    Thomas Perrier

    Hi. great feature I've been looking at for years. 

    Minimal pie size is 0.254cm which can be far too big for some of my figures. It would be nice to be able to go smaller to avoid having to resize/rescale everything on existing figures.

    Also, the attributes only appear in the Pie Charts Symbology window if the rows contain (except first) contain numeric figures. If one cell contains text (eg "<0.5" for a concentration) then you don't see the column as an attribute. You need to change it to a number.

    Also, when you select Percentage in the Pie Labels, it would be nice if it would add the "%" symbol at the end automatically (and a reasonable number of digits: none or 1 instead of the 14 significant by default...). We need to add the symbol manually in the Label format window as a suffix.

  • Drew Dudley
    Drew Dudley

    Hi Thomas! 

    Thanks for posting your comment! I have added a vote to our suggestion file, upon your behalf, for future versions of Surfer to have a smaller default pie symbol on the pie chart. I have also added a vote for support of alphanumeric attributes for the pie chart. 

    Regarding your comment about adding a % sign to the labels, this can be done by expanding the Label format section in the Symbology dialog, and adding a % as the Suffix: 

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance!

    Drew Dudley
    Account Manager / Technical Support



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