Crop an image in Surfer

You can now permanently crop images in Surfer. The images can be either floating (imported via Home | Insert | Graphic), in a Base(raster) layer, or an image contained within a Base(vector) layer. To crop the image:


  1. In the Contents window, select the Image, Base(raster) or image within a Base(vector) layer that you wish to crop.
  2. Click Features | Image | Crop.
  3. Either manually move the yellow handles on the side of the image to specify the crop size, or CTRL-click and drag to draw a rectangle over the part of the image you wish to keep.
  4. Press ENTER to crop the image.



Cropping is not available for rotated images, image layers with non-affine warps, and geotransformed layers.


Updated October 18. 2021

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