Surfer Beta: Terms and Conditions

Surfer Beta is an advanced version of Surfer that is still in active development. There may be bugs in the Beta version, which we hope to have fixed before it becomes available through a general release. In order for us to create the best and most stable release possible, auto-crash reporting is turned on in Surfer Beta. This means that certain information will be automatically sent to our servers if a crash or internal error occurs. Crash reports help us identify where Surfer Beta is crashing or issuing errors. This is important information for us to determine what the issue is and how to fix it. This information is used solely for the purpose of finding and fixing problems within the program. It is not shared or used in any other way.

The Auto-Crash Reporter will send:

  • Computer name
  • User login name on the computer
  • Computer hardware configuration (e.g. video card and processor configuration)
  • Computer software configuration (e.g. OS version)
  • License information for the program
  • Settings file containing default settings used by the program
  • A log of commands used in the instance of the program that crashed/issued the error, the log can contain filenames and filepaths used in that instance
  • A screenshot of the program just prior to the crash/error
  • Crash report DMP file


If you do not wish to have this information distributed to us in the event of a crash or error, please continue using the release version of Surfer. In the general release version, crash reports are generated during a crash or internal error, but you will be prompted as to whether you want to send the report to us or not.


Updated November 12, 2021

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