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  • Orion R
    Orion R

    Hey there!

    Well, big shoutout for dropping this dope tutorial on reservation files. This is definitely a very handy feature, especially for managing software access in huge organizations.

    I've been using reservation files for a while now, and one suggestion I have is to consider limiting access to concurrent use license seats for specific users or groups. This can be particularly helpful for ensuring that critical departments, like GIS in your example, always have the access they need without any hiccups.

    I've found that reserving seats for designated users or groups using a reservation file is quite straightforward. Just ensure the format is correct, and you're good to go. Plus, placing the reservation file in the default installation directory makes management a breeze.

    So, this guide is straight-up dope, giving you the lowdown with unqie deets and real-life examples. It's a piece of cake to rock those reservation files.


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