Create a Variable Width Bar Chart in Grapher

You can create bar charts in which the bar widths vary based on width values in your data file. Variable width bar charts use axes units to define the width of the bars. Follow these steps to vary your box plots in Grapher.

  1. Click Home | New Graph | Bar and select one of the bar chart plot types. 
  2. In the Open Worksheet dialog, navigate to the data file and click Open
  3. In the Object Manager, click on the Bar Chart to select it. 
  4. In the Property Manager, click the Plot tab. 
  5. In the Plot Options section, expand the Width settings section.
  6. Click next to Type and select Variable from the drop-down menu.
  7. Set Variable units to Axis units (width) or Axis units (interval).
  8. Set the Width variable or X2 variable/Y2 variable to the appropriate width or ending interval column/row from your data file.


Updated May 2023

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