How can I change the symbol used for an axis break?

In Grapher 15 and newer, you can use a specific symbol on both the plot and the axis itself to indicate where the break is. This can be used on any plots where Break Axis is enabled. To do so:


  1. In the Object Manager, click the X Axis 1 object to select it.
  2. In the Property Manager, select the Break Axis tab
  3. Expand the Break Axis header
  4. Check the Break Axis box to enable the break
  5. Choose which data interval you would like to be skipped in the graph by entering X axis values into the Break from and Break to fields.
  6. Expand the Break mark properties header
  7. In the Type field, choose which symbol you would like to be used to indicate that the axis is broken
  8. In the Break plot with field, choose which symbol you would like to be used to indicate where the plot is broken
    • Use Symbol to manually choose a specific symbol to use in the Plot break symbol section
    • Use Axis break mark to use the same symbol as that used to indicate the break on the axis
    • Use Grid line to draw a grid lines at the start and end of the break.
    • Use None for no indicator
  9. Other changes to the axis break position and formatting can be made on the Break Axis tab.


The axis break indicates with curved lines


Updated March 13, 2019



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