How can I add a polynomial best-fit curve to my plot in Grapher?

Grapher allows users to add many predefined fits to graphs. One type of fit available is the Polynomial fit. Once the fit is added, many modifications can be made, including the ability to determine the Polynomial degree.

Line/Scatter Plot with a Polynomail fit and custom Polynomail degree


See the steps to add a Polynomial fit and specify the Polynomial degree below:

  1. In the Object Manager, select the plot you wish to add the fit curve to.
  2. Click Home | Add to Graph | Fit Curve
  3. In the Object Manager, select the fit curve object.
  4. In the Property Manager, click the Plot tab.
  5. Change the Fit type to Polynomial.
  6. In the Plot Options section, enter the desired Polynomial degree. 

To edit any additional aspects of the fit curve, you can select the fit curve in the Object Manager and then edit the various parameters (such as the Fit type and Plot Interval) In the Property Manager. More details on editing Fit Curves can be found here: Grapher Fit Curves Training Video.



Created March 11, 2019

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