How can I add error bars to my plot in Grapher?

You can easily add error bars to your plots, where the error value can be derived from various parameters. Follow these steps to add Error Bars to a Line Plot:

  1. Click Home | New Graph | Basic | Line/Scatter Plot
  2. In the Open Worksheet dialog, select your data file and click Open. The plot is created.
  3. In the Property Manager, click the Error Bars tab. By default, error bars will be drawn using the average value for the plot
  4. Expand the Average Value Properties header:
    1. Check the Plot bars box to draw average value error bars on your plot.
    2. Change the Orientation field to Horizontal or Vertical to change the direction of the bars.
    3. Check the Plot symbols or Connect points boxes, if you wish.


If you want to have a different type of error bar than Average Value, this can also be selected on the Error Bars tab of the Property Manager:

  1. In the Property Manager, click the Error Bars tab.
  2. Set the Direction field to Horizontal, Vertical, or Vertical and Horizontal. Selecting one of these options will open the error bar options.
  3. Set the Type field to your preferred method.
  4. The other error bar formatting options can also be chosen on this page within the General section.


Updated March 12, 2019

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