Display Positive and Negative Values Using Different Colors on Bar Chart Bars in Grapher

You can use Grapher to change the bar colors in 2D Vertical/Horizontal, 3D Vertical/Horizontal, and Category Vertical/Horizontal bar charts. Assign different fill properties, such as fill color, based on positive or negative values.



To color positive and negative bars different colors:

  1. Create the bar chart of your choice using the Home | New Graph | Basic | <bar chart type> select the data file and click Open. 
  2. In the Object Manager, select the bar chart layer.
  3. In the Property Manager, on the Plot page, set the Base value in the Plot Options section to 0.
  4. On the Fill page, check the box next to Different fill if bars<base. 
  5. Expand each Fill Properties section and select the desired Foreground color.


Updated March 2023

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