How can I add a Function of Y Fit (X=F(Y)) to My Plot?

The default fit equation is Y = F(X) but, it can be changed a function of Y (X=F(Y)) after the fit curve is added to the plot. See the instructions below to change the formula on a fit curve to X=F(Y): 

  1. In the Object Manager, select the layer you would like to add the fit to. 
  2. In the ribbon, click Graph Tools | Add to Graph | Fit Curve. 
  3. In the Object Manager, you will now see a new layer named Linear fit - <plot name>. Click this new layer to select it.
  4. In the Property Manager on the Plot tab in the Fit section, change the Fit direction to X = F(Y). 
  5. The Fit type can be changed just below in the Fit type field if desired. 



Updated March 5, 2019

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