How Can I Add a Weighted Average Fit to my Plot?

Grapher offers the ability to add weighted average fit curves to graphs using custom weights. The steps below outline how to add a weighted average fit, adjust the weights, and (in Grapher 15 Preview) how to save the weight information to use later. 

  1. In the Object Manager, select the plot you would like to add the fit to. 
  2. In the ribbon, click Graph Tools | Add to Graph | Fit Curve. 
  3. In the Object Manager, you will now see a new layer named Linear fit - <plot name>. Click this new layer to select it.
  4. In the Plot tab of the Property Manager, click Linear next to Fit Type and select Weighted average. The name of this layer will update to Weighted average Fit - <plot name>. 
  5. In the Plot Options section, adjust the Window width as needed. 
  6. Expand the Weights section to set specific weights. 
  7. If you would like to use these settings again later, click the Save button in the Save weights field. 
  8. The weight information can be applied to another fit curve by clicking the Load button next to Load weights. 


Grapher 14 and previous versions also support adding a weighted average fit type to a graph but do not have the ability to Save or Load weights for the weighted average fit. If you are interested in saving and loading custom weights, learn how to participate in Grapher's Preview track.  


Updated March 6, 2019


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