How can I tell Grapher to start each bar in my bar chart at the data value (instead of centering at the data value)?

Bar charts bars in Grapher are centered on the data value associated with each bar. If you wish to adjust the alignment so the bars begin at the data value (i.e. have their left sides aligned with the data value), you can either adjust your X data values, or you can follow these steps:

  1. Add a new x column to define where each bar stops, if they start at the x colulmn currently defined in your data file.
  2. If your bar chart is saved in a GRF file and you edited your data in another program like Excel, click Graph Tools | Worksheet | Reload to reload your data file.
  3. Select your bar chart.
  4. On the Plot page in the Property Manager, expand the Width settings section in the Plot Options section.
  5. Change the Type to Variable.
  6. Set the Variable units to Axis units (interval).
  7. Set the X2 variable to the new x column you added to your data file. Now your bars should start and end exactly where you've defined.


To add your vote for an alignment command for bar chart bars, contact us!


Updated February 6, 2019

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