I can't find my Surfer 15 colormap gradient in Surfer 16. Where did it go?

Certain colormap gradients were renamed or removed between Surfer 15 and Surfer 16. Below is a table of them. If you don't see a specific colormap gradient in the list, this is because it exists with the same name (or nearly the same name, as with BrownBlue v. Brown-Blue) in Surfer 16. The list is ordered as the colormap Presets list was organized in Surfer 15.


Surfer 15 name   Surfer 16 name  
Rainbow 3 Rainbow 7  
Rainbow 4   Removed 
Rainbow 5 Rainbow 10  
Rainbow 6 Rainbow 4  
Rainbow 7 Rainbow 8  
Rainbow 8 Rainbow 5  
RainbowLight Rainbow 12  
RainbowPastel Rainbow 11  
YellowHigh Blue-RedOrangeYellow  
Geology Green-Red  
Geology2 BlueGreen-OrangeRed  
Gravity Rainbow 16  
Gravity2 Rainbow 17  
Exploration2 Rainbow 14  
Forecast   Removed
Soil Rainbow 18  
Bathymetry Blue-White  
Sea2 Blue-Green-Yellow  
LandSea Blue-BrownYellow  
Land Green-YellowPurple  
Land2 Green-Brown  
LandArid GreenYellow-BrownPurple  
Desert Yellow-Brown  
RedHot2 BrightYellow-Red  
Heat Yellow-Red  
Spice2   Removed
Dirt Browns Reversed
Forest Greens  Reversed 
Blues1 Blues  
Blues3   Removed
BlueRed1 BrightBlue-Red  
BlueRed2 Blue-Red  
PurpleOrange2 Purple-Orange  
YellowJacket Gray-Yellow  


If the colormap gradient you want to use was removed, or you just prefer the old list of colormap gradients, see here: How Can I Get My Favorite Old Colormap Back Into Surfer?


Updated January 15, 2018

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