How can I label specific points on my line/scatter plot in Grapher?

 To label specific points on a line/scatter plot in Grapher, you'll add the labels to a column in your data file, and then define the label column for the plot.

  1. Select your line/scatter plot in the Object Manager.
  2. Click Graph Tools | Worksheet | Display.
  3. For each point that you would like to be labeled, enter the desired label into the first empty column.

Grapher line/scatter plot with labels at specific points.

  1. If your data has a header row, enter a title into the label column.
  2. Click back to the plot document.
  3. With the line/scatter plot still selected, click on the Labels tab in the Property Manager.
  4. Set the Label column to the new column you just added to your data.


 Updated January 11, 2018

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