How can I adjust the limits of my profile in Surfer?

There are two possible ways to adjust the limits of your profile, depending on whether or not you know the x,y values of the profile line you drew on your map.


If you don't know the x,y points of the profile line, you can:

  1. Export the profile line to a DAT file.
    1. Select the Profile in the Contents window.
    2. On the Plot page in the Properties window, click the Save to File button in the Export profile data field.
    3. Give your file a name and click Save.
  2. Convert the DAT to a BLN.
    1. Click File | Open.
    2. In the Open dialog, select the DAT file you just saved and click Open.
    3. Scroll down and make note of the last row that contains data. Since there is a header row, subtract 1 from this value and enter the new value into cell A1, replacing the word Distance in the existing header row. So for example, if your last row containing data is 309, replace Distance in cell A1 with 308.
    4. Delete the grid file name in cell A2.
    5. Click File | Save As.
    6. In the Save As dialog, set the Save as type to BLN Golden Software Blanking (*.bln) and click Save.
  3. Use the BLN to create a base map.
    1. Click back to your plot tab.
    2. Click Home | New Map | Base | Base.
    3. In the Import dialog, select the BLN file you just created and click Open.
  4. Adjust the limits of the base map.
    1. Select the new Map.
    2. On the Limits page in the Properties window, adjust the limits as desired.
    3. On the Scale page, adjust the scale as desired. If you wish to fill beneath the profile line with a color or pattern, follow the bottom-most set of instructions (between the second and third/last images) here: How Do I Create A Cross Section In Surfer?


If you do know the x,y points of the profile line, you can:

Use the Slice command instead of the Profile command. For instructions and more information, see the following resources:


Contact us if you would like us to add your vote to our suggestion file for the ability to edit a profile's limits directly.


Updated January 2, 2019

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