Surfer Webinar: Fine Tune Your Maps by Assigning NoData to Grid Files

Do you need to customize your maps so the display of your data is limited to a specific area of interest? Or, maybe you need to generate irregularly shaped grids or clip out unnecessary data from your grid-based maps?

Well, there are many approaches to accomplish this task in Surfer! In this webinar, we go over 5 examples. The data used in this webinar is attached below should you desire to follow along. 

  1. Creating a BLN in the worksheet
  2. Creating a NoData boundary from a polyline in a SHP file - 11:58
  3. Creating a NoData boundary from a contour map - 15:56
    • Assign NoData with mixed blanking flags
  4. Creating a NoData boundary using Query and Buffers - 30:09
    • Using Mixed NoData flags
    • How to grid your data to fit the expanded limits created by using buffers
    • How to fix jagged grid surface edges
  5. Using the Assign NoData outside convex hull of data option found in the Grid Data dialog - 47:13
    • How to use the Inflate by option found below the above feature


Length: 51:05

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