Surfer Webinar: New Features of Surfer 16 – 3D Points, Contours and Colors, and Working with Base Maps


The latest release of Surfer is packed with powerful new features. This webinar focuses on top features in the following categories: 

  • 3D point data: Surfer now allows post, classed post and base from data layers to be displayed in true 3D in the 3D view. See how points are spatially related to surfaces in true 3D, and learn how to customize the display.
  • Contours and Colormaps: Explore the new features in contour maps, colormaps, and the color scale. Create contours of equal area, utilize the power of histograms and equal area stretch in your colormaps, and show contour line properties in your color scales.
  • Base Maps: Working with vector base maps just got easier. Improvements have been made in working with attributes, querying base layers, and managing your shapes.

Length 30:28

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    Mohd Faisal A

    Hi, how to plot my lithology log in 3D view bcos as I understand only the element concentration can be plotted in 3D. Can I export my lithology plots in strater to surfer n voxler 3D plot. Tq

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