Save or copy attributes from the Attribute Table in Surfer

You can easily save or copy the attributes for a base layer in the Attribute table for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.


To save the attributes:

  1. Open the Attribute Table and click the Save button.
  2. In the Save as dialog, choose a Save as type (such as XLS or, DAT), name the file and click Save.

save or copy attributes from a base layer in Surfer for use in Excel

To copy the attributes:

  1. Select the rows you want to copy in the Attribute Table by
    • Clicking the first row, holding SHIFT, and clicking the last row to bulk-select a group of adjacent rows. 
    • Clicking the first row, holding CTRL, and clicking another row to select multiple non-adjacent rows. 
  2. Press CTRL+C on the keyboard or click the Copy button in the toolbar.
  3. Now you can paste into whichever program you desire.



Updated November 18, 2021

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