How can I participate in Grapher's Preview track?

There's no sign-up necessary to try out the Grapher Preview track, you just need to download and install the preview build. If you have a Grapher license under active maintenance, you will be able to use the preview build in lieu of, or in addition to, Grapher v13 until your maintenance expires. If you have an older version of Grapher (Grapher 12 or older), or you do not have a Grapher license, you will be able to use the preview build in trial mode for 14 days, and then you will need to purchase a Grapher license or an upgrade to continue using it. If you have a Grapher 13 license that has expired maintenance, you will need to purchase a maintenance renewal to use Grapher Preview. 


To download and install Grapher Preview:

  1. Navigate to the My Account page.
  2. In the Existing Customers section, type in your Email Address and Password then click Sign In. If you have not logged into My Account before, or can't recall your password, follow the instructions here to set up a new password for the email address your license is registered to.
  3. Click the gold My Products button.
  4. In the Grapher Products section, click the arrow next to your Grapher v13 license.
  5. Click the Download Grapher v14 Preview installer link to download the software.

  6. Once the file is completely downloaded, double click on the file to install the program.
  7. You are first asked if you want to uninstall Grapher v13 (if you have Grapher v13 installed). Do not check this check box, just click Next. You can still have Grapher v13 installed on the same computer as Grapher Preview (provided they are installed into different directories), and you are welcome to continue using Grapher v13 if you need to.
  8. During the installation process, you are asked to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Please click Yes.
  9. After the software is fully installed, open the program.


Updated October 15, 2018

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