How can I tell how many data points went into interpolating each node of my Surfer grid?

To determine how many data points went into the interpolation of each grid node, given a specific search ellipse: 

  1. Click Home | Grid Data | Grid Data.
  2. Choose the data file used to create your grid and click Open.
  3. In the Grid Data dialog, change the Gridding Method to Data Metrics.
  4. Click the Advanced Options button.
  5. On the General page, expand Data Location Statistics and click Count.
  6. On the Search page, set the same search parameters that you used to create the original grid file.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If you applied any data filters to the original grid, click the Filter Data button and set up the same filter for this grid.
  9. Verify the Data ColumnsGrid Line Geometry, and Grid Z Limits sections are all the same as what was set for the original grid.
  10. Click OK to create the grid. 

The Z value of each node is the number of points in the search ellipse (i.e. the number of points that went into the interpolation of that grid node in the original grid). You can create a map of this file or use the Grids | Edit | Convert command to convert it to a DAT for opening in a text editor.


Updated October 30, 2018

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