How can I remove the "API key required" watermark from my OSM map layer?

Certain Open Street Map vendors require users to enter an API key to download their maps without an "API key required" message overlaid on the downloaded image. The OpenCycleMap and Transport layers predefined in Surfer both require this information to be added if you want to download an unmarked map layer.  Follow the steps below to get an API key from Thunderforest and then add the API key to the server in Surfer.

  1. Sign up for an account with Thunderforest here.
  2. Click the button in the email to validate your email address and sign in to your account.
  3. Make note of the API key on your account page.
  4. Open Surfer and click Home | New Map | Base | Base from Server.
  5. In the Download Online Maps dialog, right click OpenStreetMaps Imagery and select Add Map Source.
  6. In the Add Map Source dialog, enter a Name for the new layer such as OpenCycleMap_API.
  7. Click in the Type field and select OSM: Open Street Maps.
  8. In the URL field, enter the OSM URL followed by ?apikey=123456 where 123456 is your API key.
    For OpenCycleMap enter: http://${s[a,b]}${z}/${x}/${y}.png?apikey=<your api key>

    For Transport enter:
    http://${s[a,b]}${z}/${x}/${y}.png?apikey=<your api key>
  9. Click Validate.
  10. Click OK when the Server validated! message is displayed.


Updated November 12, 2018



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