I'm trying to activate my concurrent license but I get an error about License Manager not responding. What do I do?

In order to run a concurrent license you need to install the Sentinel RMS License Manager, which does the back-end task of managing the licenses.  You also need to install the Golden Software License Administrator which provides a user interface to the License Manager. If you get the following error message when opening the License Administrator, then the License Manager isn't running.

If the license manager is on a different computer than the where you are running the License Administrator, then use the Settings tab to change the License Server setting.

If you uninstalled the Sentinel RMS License Manager, you can download it here and reinstall it. 

If you stopped or disabled the Windows service called "Sentinel RMS License Manager", you will need to turn it back on. It is not an application, but is a background service that must be running at all times to serve up license seats.   Follow these steps to restart the service:

  1. Type "Services" into the Cortana search bar or Windows Start Menu search bar and press ENTER on your keyboard.
  2. Scroll down to Sentinel RMS License Manager.
  3. Right click on Sentinel RMS License Manager and click Start.


Updated August 8, 2018

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