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    Nelson Constantino Pelembe

    Hello strater supporters... first of all I would like to thanks all over you for your lessons...

    I am writing this comment as a question: I would like to know how many well can be in one cross section?
    I am trying to process more than 8 wells, isn’t showing all wells in the cross section.

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    Brittany Bodane

    Hi Nelson,

    Thank you for your question! You can absolutely have 8 wells in a cross section. I would double check that you are using consistent well IDs throughout your data. For example, if you have a well named DH-8, it needs to be listed as DH-8 in all of your data tables. Listing it as DH8 would not be identical and would not be picked up as the same well in Strater. Additionally, ensure your from to lengths are not overlapping and are correct. These are the two most common issues our tech support sees. 

    If you are still having trouble, please email our support team for assistance at support@goldensoftware.com. Feel free to upload your file as this would be the easiest option to see what the issue might be. 

    Thank you,


    Golden Software 

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