Migrate concurrent license to a new server

To move your concurrent license to a new server, you will need to download and install the License Administrator and Sentinel RMS License Manager on the new server, then deactivate the license on the old server, and finally activate the license on the new server. Once these steps are complete you can connect users to the new license server. 

Please see the directions below with helpful links for each step of this process.


1. Set up the new license server:

Follow the instructions in the article Set up Golden Software License Server to set up the license server on the new server computer.


2. Deactivate the license:

This can be done from the older server within License Administrator, or online from your My Account portal. If the old server has already been decommissioned or is no longer available, you will need to use the instructions to deactivate online. Instructions for both methods (written and videos) can be found in the article Deactivate your Golden Software license.


3. Activate the license on the new server:

Directions to activate the concurrent use license can be found here: Activate your concurrent use license within License Administrator


4. Connect your end-users to the new server

This can be done manually using the instructions in the article Connect concurrent client computers to the license server.

Or, you can silently push the new server through to the end-user machines using the instructions in the article How to apply license settings without user interaction

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