Discover Surfer 27: Explore the Latest Features of Surfer (Webinar)

Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by Golden Software featuring the latest features and functionality available in Surfer 27. Join Drew and Jessica as they dive into the newly released Surfer 27 features to perform a complete site characterization based on drillhole, geochemical, and hydrological data.

This webinar covers the newly released Surfer features, and you will learn how to:

  • Display your gridded 3D data as voxels using the new Block Render Feature
  • Import cross section profile images in the 3D View
  • Save time by gridding drillhole data directly from the Drillhole Manager
  • Limit data outside a 2D polygon or above a surface by assigning NoData to 3D grids
  • Wow your stakeholders by applying specular highlights to surfaces in the 3D View
  • Share your project with all stakeholders by exporting to 3D PDF

Create your own project - download our sample data here!

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