PreBeta V29 Google Maps in Base Map from Server

What is this new feature?

Get ready to explore new horizons with Surfer PreBeta v29! We are thrilled to introduce that we have integrated XYZ servers into our Base Map from Server feature, including the addition of Google Map Servers (roadmap and satellite). This enhancement is a direct response to widespread user requests, and we are eager to have you join us in testing it before its official release.

Your participation will be instrumental in ensuring its success and effectiveness. We're excited to see what you think! Please follow the instructions below to get setup, and start exploring the world, inside of Surfer.


Why participate?

Your participation is key to refining the functionality of our latest innovation. By joining this pre-beta test, you’ll help us gauge the usage costs and ensure the feature seamlessly integrates into typical workflows. Plus, it’s a chance to have some fun by virtually traveling to new and familiar places, right from your desktop!


How to Install

If you would like to try this new functionality, I would appreciate any feedback! We are looking for early feedback, to make sure it works as you expect it to and there are not any problems.



  • If you already have an active single-user or concurrent-use Surfer license, please email your Support Code (found under File | License Info) to and we can extend the license to include this version. You may need to update your license or license server to read the updated information.

  • If you do not have an active license, you can use this Surfer Beta version in the Free Trial mode (good for 2 weeks).



  • You can download a PreBeta version (v29.0.60) with these features included, from our server at:

    • Please also download the GeodeSys.ini file, as you will need this file to test the new Google servers.

    • You may need to extract the files by right clicking on the download .zip folder and selecting Extract All.
  • Note: The link above is the ONLY place where you can download/access the v29 preBeta software. These features are not yet included in the v28 Beta version accessible via MyAccount, and you cannot update a previous Beta version to this version. You must download the v29 preBeta EXE file.



  1. The new servers are not included by default in Surfer v29 Beta. Please follow these instructions to add the new Google Maps servers into your Geode file:

    1. Download the “GeodeSys.ini” file from the sharefile link above

    2. Open Windows File Explorer

    3. In the top address bar of File Explorer, type “%appdata%” and hit enter

    4. Double click on Golden Software to open the folder

    5. Double click on Shared to open the folder

    6. Rename the file “GeodeSys.ini” to “GeodeSys_copy.ini

      • This step is crucial → if you do not rename this file, you will lose any favorites you currently have saved in Base Map from Server

    7. Move or drag/drop the “GeodeSys.ini” file (downloaded from sharefile) into this folder

    8. The new server list will be present in Surfer Beta immediately (however you may need to close and reopen Surfer Beta)


How to use it

To use this new feature, please complete the steps above in “How to participate”. Then, follow the instructions below to test the new feature.

  1. Open Surfer Beta

  2. Navigate to Home | New Map | Base | Base from Server

  3. Click the arrow to expand the section “XYZ Tiles

  4. Click the arrow to expand the “Google” folder

  5. Right click on each Google servers (roadmap and Satellite) and select “Add Favorite”

    • This step is crucial as each evening the server list will revert back to the original server list, and you will lose the Google Map servers if you do not favorite them

  6. Click either of the Google Maps servers and start exploring!

    1. Pan around

    2. Download different areas at different resolutions

    3. Keep exploring!


Providing Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable to us. After your testing sessions, please feel free to share any issues, challenges, and overall impressions. Your insights will directly influence the final tweaks before the official release.


For any questions or additional support, please contact

Thank you for participating in this exciting phase of our product development. Your involvement is instrumental in shaping the future of Surfer!

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