How can I set up our client computers so that the Product Key is not visible?

A license settings file can be used to hide the product key in the License Information dialog. This file can be run manually or deployed with the application when using a software deployment tool such as SCCM. To hide the product key using the settings file manually:

  1. Download and open the Example_License_Settings_File.txt.
  2. Go to line 40 and enter True after HideProductKey=.
  3. Save the updated settings file to the client computer.
  4. While signed in to the user's account, open the command prompt and run the software with the /licenseSettingsFile like this:
    "C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Surfer 13\Surfer.exe" /licenseSettingsFile="C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Surfer 13\Settings_File.txt"

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