What is a license settings file?

The license settings file is used to apply license configuration settings to the software during installation.  The settings file can be deployed manually via the command line or deployed with the application when using a software deployment tool such as SCCM.  To deploy the settings file using the command line, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Command Prompt by typing cmd into the Search Programs and Folders field of the Start menu or in the Search the Web and Windows field and then pressing ENTER.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, enter the Surfer EXE location followed by \LicenseSettingsFile= and the settings file full file path.  For example:
    "C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Surfer 13\Surfer.exe" /LicenseSettingsFile= "C:\Users\Jane\Desktop\Settings.txt"

The table below provides additional information about the available options that can be set using the license settings file.

*The default behavior is how the software behaves if the setting is not defined.  The default behavior will not change a previously applied setting.

**The SetCEIP setting can be overwritten by the user in the software Options dialog by checking the Track Usage box.

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