How to apply license settings without user interaction

The license data setup file is used to apply license configuration settings without user interaction.  License settings allow for automatic activation of a product key, connection to a license server, and to suppress various end-user notifications. This file is typically used by IT Admins who are deploying our software with SCCM and want to configure the licensing during the deployment.

The license data setup file

Download the LicenseDataSetup-Template.txt file to get started.

  • Edit this file to enable/disable the items listed below. Any text after a "#" is seen as a comment.
  • Blank values will result in no change to an existing setting.
  • This file can be used for both standalone and concurrent/network licensed applications.

How to use

There are three methods to apply license data/settings to the software.

  • For Surfer 16+, Grapher 14+, and Strater 5.6+ - all three options below work, and licensing is set for all users on the computer.
  • For Surfer 14/15, Grapher 13, and Strater 5.5 - only option 3 below will work, and licensing is set only for the running user.

Option 1: Apply license settings during installation

This is the best option for new installs using SCCM.

Place a file named "LicenseDataSetup.txt" in a shared location on the computer. In the example command below, the file was placed in C:\ProgramData\Golden Software\Shared\.

msiexec /i "Surfer_16_Installer.msi" /quiet CMDLINE="LIC_CONFIG_FILE=""C:\ProgramData\Golden Software\Shared\LicenseDataSetup.txt"""

The CMDLINE value must include all quote characters, and the file path must be a full absolute path.

Option 2: Apply license settings during one-time run of program

This is the best option for making licensing changes after the program is already installed.

Place a file named "LicenseDataSetup-<program>.txt" where <program> is replaced with "Surfer", "Grapher", "Grapher Preview", or "Strater" in the folder C:\ProgramData\Golden Software\Shared\.

Then wait for any user on the computer to run the program. The license settings will be applied automatically. The "LicenseDataSetup-<program>.txt" file will renamed as "LicenseDataSetup-<program>-Applied.txt" so that the change is applied only once.

Option 3: Apply license settings during launch of the program

Run the installed program EXE file once with the /licenseSettingsFile switch.

Example command:

"C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Grapher\Grapher.exe" /licenseSettingsFile="C:\ProgramData\Golden Software\Shared\LicenseDataSetup.txt" 


License Settings Available

The table below provides additional information about the available options that can be set using the license settings file.


*The default behavior is how the software behaves if the setting is not defined.  The default behavior will not change a previously applied setting.

**The SetCEIP setting can be overwritten by the user in the software Options dialog by checking the Track Usage box.


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