How to apply license settings without user interaction

The license data setup file is used to apply license configuration settings without user interaction.  License settings allow for automatic activation of a product key, connection to a license server, and to suppress various end-user notifications.  This file is typically used by IT Admins who are deploying our software with SCCM and want to configure the licensing during the deployment.

Download the LicenseDataSetup-Template.txt file to get started.

Important notes:

  • Edit this file to enable/disable the items listed below. Any text after a "#" is seen as a comment.
  • Blank values will result in no change to an existing setting.
  • This file can be used for both standalone and concurrent/network licensed applications.
  • For more information, go to and search for 'license setup'.

How to use:

There are three methods to apply license data/settings to the software.

  • For Surfer 16+, Grapher 14+, and Strater 5.6+ - all three options below work, and licensing is set for all users on the computer.
  • For Surfer 14/15, Grapher 13, and Strater 5.5 - only option 3 below will work, and licensing is set only for the running user.

Option 1: Apply license settings during installation

This is the best option for SCCM deployment.

Example command:

msiexec /i "Surfer_16_Installer.msi" /quiet CMDLINE="LIC_CONFIG_FILE=""C:\ProgramData\Golden Software\Shared\MyLicenseSetup.txt"""

The CMDLINE value must include all quote characters, and the file path must be a full absolute path.

Option 2: Apply license settings during one-time run of program

Place a file named "LicenseDataSetup-<program>.txt" where <program> is replaced with "Surfer", "Grapher", "Grapher Preview", or "Strater" in the folder C:\ProgramData\Golden Software\Shared\.

Then wait for any user on the computer to run the program. The "LicenseDataSetup-<program>.txt" file will renamed as "LicenseDataSetup-<program>-Applied.txt" so that the change is applied only once.

Option 3: Apply license settings during launch of the program

Run the installed program EXE file once with the /licenseSettingsFile switch.

Example command:

"C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Grapher\Grapher.exe" /licenseSettingsFile="C:\ProgramData\Golden Software\Shared\MyLicenseSetup.txt" 

License Settings Available

The table below provides additional information about the available options that can be set using the license settings file.


*The default behavior is how the software behaves if the setting is not defined.  The default behavior will not change a previously applied setting.

**The SetCEIP setting can be overwritten by the user in the software Options dialog by checking the Track Usage box.

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